A Pint of Law

Nowadays, it seems like you can learn anything on the internet. Whether it’s changing a tire, rebooting a phone, or just making dinner for the whole family, it seems that we all have a whole library of tutorials. As a budding cook myself, I want to add to the list. 

I’ve been cooking for myself and my family for most of my life, and I love to try new things. Then, the other day, my partner asked, “Why don’t you make a blog about it?”

So, I set out to tell the stories of all my favorite recipes and give everyone something new to try. I want to spread my love for food beyond a few scribbled index cards to friends and family. 

Recipes for All Occasions

Now, I understand that there are plenty of other recipe blogs out there. Why, there are vegan versions of meals I didn’t know could be vegan! Of course, many of these blogs fit some niche. That’s why I want to branch out. 

I like to try new things as much as possible. Different cultural dishes, new types of diets, and so on. I’m not a vegetarian, for example, but I do love a good ratatouille as an entree. I’m an adventurer at heart, so I like my cooking to reflect that. Because of that, get ready for all sorts of dishes, from breakfast to dinner and from sweet to savory. 

Notes on a Life

Nearly every recipe and every meal comes with a story of how one found the recipe, the cooking process, or just some fond memories. Unfortunately, a lot of mine seem to be harrowing legal woes. 

I have happier stories, of course, about my childhood and my partner and the rest of my family, but I also have a serious streak of bad luck. Sure, I might have a recipe focusing on my grandma’s famous green beans, but not all recipes are so sweet. Sometimes, you’ve just gotten your second speeding ticket of the year and you just want to curl up with a nice plate of brownies—and that’s okay. 

Because of that, you might find a lot of legal trouble brewing up during these stories. Whether it’s a recent ticket, a fender bender, or a little family law trouble, I always seem to have something “extra exciting” going on. 

At least these little run-ins add a little spice to my recipes, right? 

My Best Kitchen Tips

I may even cover some of my best tips that go beyond a single recipe, too. Making a lattice top for your pie isn’t necessary for the recipe, for example, but it sure does add a little extra something to your dessert! 

Sanitation, tools, and kitchen organization are just as important, too. Keep an eye out for tips and tricks, not just for your dishes, but for keeping your workspace optimal and your food even more exciting. Taking the right steps can go a long way, after all. 

If you’re interested in any of these tips, recipes, and tales, keep an eye on this site. I’ll keep you updated with all my best stories.